Talisman Cards
Talisman Cards of Iko : Happiness to offer or to offer itself !
7 Talisman cards (size 7X14cm) are available.
The collection will get bigger regularly with new characters.

These cards can serve as bookmarks, as deck of cards, to offer to people that you like or for writing…
Each card presents a magnificent character drawn by Sabine Adélaide.
In the back, you will find an animal associated, its virtues and a sentence to be meditated.
These cards advance the qualities of these characters in whom we meet ourselves or we re-know persons of our circle.
Order International
In the back of this card :

Kind : Sprite alchemist

Totem's Animal: Hawk

Virtues : Enjoyment, conviviality, courage, simplicity, taste of the work, the spirituality

Parabola :
A well dipped humor