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SABINE ADELAIDE : Label manager/Cover design
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The Fairy Tale :

Once upon a time...

Prikosnovénie associative label was born in Nantes, in 1990, out of the encounter of two cinema students: Frédéric Chaplain, fond of sound, and Sabine Adélaïde, experienced photographer. The word Prikosnovénie means “light touch” in Russian and aims at promoting inventive music combined with elaborate-exquisite aesthetics.
Prikosnovénie is rooted in the then flourishing alternative movement New-Wave. Prikosnovénie could define itself as half-way between the Visa label (for its independent militarism) and the 4AD English label for its enigmatic estheticism.
The first tape is entitled ‘Sacrilèges’ and gathers 12 new-wave trend bands. The label found its audience.
End 1991-1993: exiled in Paris to complete their studies, Frédéric graduates as sound engineer at Louis Lumière and Sabine as a photographer at the Gobelins School.


1993 is the year of the first CD compilation TRES HORS which gathers 13 underground bands of that epoch amongst which Clair obscure, Von Magnet, Dazibao. It is the first opportunity to be distributed in the commercial circuit of big chains.
1994 is the year of the release of the first full CD of one group: CHERCHE-LUNE. It is a neo-classical band from Nantes, with bass, violin, oboe and feminine voice. This CD was very successful even beyond France: Germany, Mexico, Japan, and Hong-Kong
1994-1997: CHERCHE LUNE’s CD will be determinant for the label and its brand image. Frédéric and Sabine found their editorial line: femininity, lightness, melancholy and enchantment. The IRIS collection was born: albums of feminine voices with acoustic orchestration (…..)


1997: Prikosnovenie released a great new comer: Orange Blossom.
Frédéric records the album in a fortnight in a Rennes studio. Sabine creates the cover which to this date remains ones of the best ones produced by the label. The Nantes trance-electro-trip-hop band becomes very successful.
With more than 10,000 albums sold, Orange Blossom allows the label to develop and to become professional.
After 6 years of volunteer work, Frédéric gets his first salary. Prikosnovénie opens its first official office in Nantes, rue Jean Jaurès.
Between 1997 and 2000, parallel to the IRIS collection, Prikosnovénie endeavors to develop an electronic subdivision following the successful wave of Orange Blossom. It is the LYTCH label subdivision which will promote bands such as Atlas Project, Phil Von, Mimetic, Lys. The peak moment will be reached at an evening live organised by LYTCH in the BATOFAR nightclub of Paris in May 2000.


In 2001, the team decides to leave urban life and settles in a magnificent environment in the medieval city of Clisson. This charming place, with atypical Italian architecture, will become the label’s inspiration. Then comes a time of opening to the world with international artists from Greece, Italy, Russia, Japan, Bulgaria…
In 2002, Prikosnovénie organizes in its own recording studio an encounter of artists between Louisa John-Krol (Australia), Francesco Banchini (Italy), Spyros Giasafakis (Greece). They create a complete album of unpublished songs.
Prikosnovénie realizes one of its dreams: to become a catalytic center of creation and an artists’ platform. The result will be the superb “Love sessions” digipack.


This very same year, Sabine Adélaide creates an itinerant exhibition for the label which represents whole of her graphic works. This exhibition is the result of 10 years of artistic research with music as central theme: how drawing, painting or photographing intertwine to illustrate the labels’ discs; how, slowly but surely, Prikosnovénie’s so peculiar yet so rich visual universe was created. The exhibition goes from one library to another.


2003 sees Arno becoming a new member of the label. The arrival invigorates the label working at rebuilding its brand image. Prikosnovénie gathers music and images from all over the world: these mucic are created by young artists who draw on their cultural roots for their creation. They transfer their culture and their sensitivity with personality, originality and integrity, in an imaginative dream, close to tales, fairies and enchantment.

So was born Fairy World 1. This CD recalls the 10 years of activity of the label and presents today’s label’s brand image: colorful, original, deep, mysterious, happy and fairylike!
In 2003 Louisa John-Krol and Francesco Banchini traveled and performed round Europe…..

With over 70 references in their catalogue, the team wishes to develop new infrastructure and conquer new sound territories. Prikonovénie wishes to open up to the world and create new encounters to make people discover its own interior world and offer it to the world…