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SOLMAMDENLO Digipack + video

Ref : Orange Blossom ...
Genre : Electro ethnic, tribal
groove, ritual, mystical ....

"ZMIYA are six musicians blending ethno music with electro. They use a diverse range of worldwide traditional instruments such as Oud, Hurdy-Gurdy with wheel, didjeridoo, balaphon, Arghoul (ancient Egyptian flute) mixed with subtle electro beats and samples. Mystical, shamanic or groovy, this uncommon band invites you to a trip into Africa, Australia, Eastern countries..."

TITRES: Solmamdenlo / magical / desert /douma / al mosta fa /zmiya / terra nova / redjah

MP3 : Douma

MP3 : Terra Nova

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2004 : Solmamdenlo ( prikosnovenie)


Gurvan: Hurdy gurdy, accordeon
Djé : Arghul, sing, prog
Sly : Bass
Seb: percussions, balafon, cora
Jean - yves : Didjeridoo
Seb: percus, balaphon, cora