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TITLES:Sirba/ minor bulgar / rab tanz / maruskaia / patsch tanz/ der heiser bulgar/ rebetico / niggun/ hava nagila/ temnaia noch/ lebedik/ mamaliege tanz/


Style: Klezmer, rock-yiddish
References: Kusturica, klezmer

May 2003 - 12 Titles

RRR is a napolitan band mixing tracitional klezmer music with the rock energy. RRR are 5 musicians with different influences.
Massimiliano sacchi, clarinet.
Paolo Sasso, violon.
Davide Della Monica, guitar.
Marco Di Palo, cello.
Cristiano de la Monica,drums.

This combo from Naples binds with talent Yiddish influences and underground rock reminiscent of Kusturiza movies. Clarinet, cello, violin, guitars and furious drums push us into street fest atmospheres but also pure melancholy. When the slavish heart burns with the fire of Naples, this is ultra life.

MP3 : Rebetico

MP3 : Mamaliege

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Review Octopus : «...a mix ofpascal Comelade, Goran bregovic and Yann Tiersen who will become Italian...»
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"Ringe Ringe Raya is a Napolitan street quintet who mix traditional Yiddish music with gipsy and rock influences. Violin, cello, guitar, clarinet, percussions and accordion create intimate moments altenated with explosion of joy tipical of Eastern folk music. The tracks remind me of some Kusturiza's songs I heard on some radio shows (Kusturiza is also a movie director. He did "Black Cat, White Cat" among the others). If I'm not wrong Ringe Ringe Raya partecipated also to an Italian show (it was titled "Dove Osano Le Quaglie" and it was the television counterpart to the radio show called "Il Ruggito Del Coniglio") early this year as I think I already listened to some of their tracks. Even if this music isn't my cup of tea I've got to admit that it's involving, particularly if seen live."