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Whos is pinknruby ?
"Pinknruby, a duo comprising Slovenian Mihaela Repina and Brit Paul Bradbury, began working together in
1998, intending to write dance music with strong melodies. The ensuing garage, drum'n'bass
and chill-out tracks generated some interest. Early in 2002, Pinknruby decided to try something entirely
different. Carrying folk guitar backgrounds, Repina and Bradbury opted to return to simple acoustic
melodies. Their preceding tenure in dance music, however, led to acoustic songs with a dance approach,
which led to the use of loops, etc. Their music, warm, acoustic, and performed using guitars and vocals by
both members, combines folk with elements from the Mediterranean and eastern Europe. The duo released its
debut album, "Vast Astonishment" in October, 2003, on the French label Prikosnovenie. A second album,
'Garden', followed in 2005. Last summer, the act performed 25 shows in the UK, including at the
Glastonbury Festival and London¢s Big Green Gathering. When performing, the musical pair likes to
dress colorfully in accordance with the occassion, which adds to the appeal of their shows.
Pinknruby's lyrics, in Slovenian, usually present short stories or philosophical comments."
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References: Cocteau Twins, ethereal voices
Octobre 2005 - 10 Titres

'If you enjoy lush vocals and ethereal melodies, with a hint of Eastern Europe and a touch of Brazil, then you might just enjoy the music of Pinknruby. Pinknruby are Mihaela Repina from Slovenia and Paul Bradbury from England. Their music is chilled, acoustic and otherworldly. Pinknruby is back with a beautiful and magical album, "Garden". Garden is an album of pure vocals and rare harmonies, accompanied by a sensitive and textured orchestration of exotic instruments, such as the sas, psaltery, dulcimer, harp and double bass, as well as the more familiar guitar lines.
All this is set within the frame of Pinknruby's very particular, impressionist production style. Garden is an album to uplift the spirit!
Garden is Pinknruby's second album with Prikosnovenie and confirms the
talent of these two angels.
+ A video of their show at the Broceliande's forest in France.'

Titles : Broceliande, Jakdo,White Lady Mirror, Kislica, Nader Margh, Zanamayo, Zeleno, Lusima, Nocoj, Shadume


MP3 : Nocoj

MP3 : Nader Margh

MP3 : Jakdo

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Review :
"Mihaela Repina and Paul Bradbury make light, mysterious and mostly acoustic music that draws from Eastern European folk and Brazilian samba, with a dash of jazz. Both sing in Slovenian, she in a dusky voice that recalls Lou Rhodes from Lamb, he in a light tenor that reminds one of Ben Watt. The music dances on the edge of being too precious and twee, one song features a cat purring. But the harmonies are solid, the instrumentation inventive, harps, psaltery and cello are added to mix, and Repina's alto is truly bewitching. On such tracks as "Nader Margh" and "White Lady Mirror", her dark voice and the soothing, glimmering instrumentation create an indescribable world of dark and light." --Craig Gidney

"On their new album Pinknruby sound more mature then before. Their ethereal acoustic folkpop style is still present but the compositions sound more diverse and the instrumentation is richer.
The duo succeeds in delivering an excellent record that raises even more expectations for the future. There are more folk and world music elements to be found on Garden then on the previous album. Also Pinknruby have crafted their own style more on this record. But, characteristic are still the heavenly female vocals with the Eastern European touch and the acoustic guitars.
Pinknruby are one of the most interesting singer/songwriters around at the moment and Garden is a record to check out." Funprox

Interview : By beautevil - Gothronic
Answered by: Mihaela and Paul

With their concert in the W2 in mind and the new released album "Garden" in our stereo it is time to introduce you more to the special musical Garden of Pinknruby!

First of all, people still want to know why you called your band Pinknruby?

We first started as Pinkbeauty and Redruby.   But the name was too long and ridiculous, so we shortened it to Pinknruby.   Both colours are connected with sexuality, which we like.

Can you tell us what you see as the main differences between “The Vast Astonishment” and “Garden”?   
We feel that Garden is a progression from The Vast Astonishment.   There are many more instruments present, and more of Paul’s vocals.   This makes for a much fuller more versatile sound.    You will hear less loops and more of a live feel on Garden.   The Vast Astonishment is more of a dream album, set on one planet, whereas Garden feels like it hops from one world into the next.  

Jakdo seems to be one of the younger musicians in the world. Can you tell us more about ‘Jakdo’?  
Jakdo is the cat that purrs on the song of the same name.   Yes, she is young – only five years old, but in cat years, that’s middle aged and she acts accordingly.   She is not our cat, but hangs out in our house a lot – we think she has a whole string of houses she visits along the road in what could be loosely described as her empire.   We are lucky enough to be within it’s boundaries, so she comes to our house to farm us for milk and scraps.   She walks between worlds, dreams life into creation and kills with her claws.   Jakdo means “well, who is it?” in Slovene.   Her full name is Jaka Legba, sister of Papa Legba, the great mediator called to form a bridge between the spiritworld and the earth in ceremonies.

How do you create music, do you write everything together?

Mostly we write together.   We like to bounce ideas off each other.   We like to start with a strong melody as the basis for any song.   If the initial melody is good, then it will guide and inspire the rest of the song.   We also like to get to the recording stage early, before the song writing is completely finished.   This keeps the song fresh as you are recording it and also means that the form of the arrangement you finally record is intuitively linked to the form of the song writing.   There are different areas during the creation process that we each have a preference for.   Mihaela works more on the fine details of production and especially enjoys working on the nuances of vocal lines, whereas Paul likes to look at the overall form and arrangement of the tune.   

What inspires you to create your music?

Mihaela:   I think all my life inspires my music.   Things I have seen, I’ve experienced, things I’m interested in.   One of the biggest inspirations is nature and nature’s intelligence, my cycles of deaths and rebirths, my passions and my angels.
Paul: The joy of creating music is the inspiration for creating it.   It has always been such a pleasure and a panacea to play music.   The best songs just come spilling out, and the feeling of delight when that happens and a song is born before your eyes, is wonderful. 

How would you describe your music yourself, because you seem to use a lot of different influences?
Paul: I’ve no idea how to describe the music in terms of a genre.   It’s been labelled   dreampop, ethereal, darkwave, angelic, gothic, medieval, pop, folk, ambient, easy listening (thanks!) and   plenty of other things besides.   So I’m confused.   In the end, music is just music and labels are just labels.   The music I write is influenced by everything I like in music, so there is some eastern European, some Brazilian, some Celtic and then just all the weird stuff that comes into my head from who knows where..   It’s difficult to say how this mixture comes to form a coherent Pinknruby whole, but I think it does.   All our work, however diverse, has a Pinknruby sound to it and I like that about it.   It’s good to have an identity.   
Mihaela: I never like to describe my music in words, but I like to think of my songs as dreams; songs that take you on a journey into your own subconscious – into the great web, where dreams, hope, fear, death, life and beauty are kept.

It always seems that the music of Prikosnovenie is always accompanied by great artwork. Can you tell us more about your artwork on “Garden”?
The artwork for Garden and The Vast Astonishment was created by Prikosnovenie artist, Sabine Adelaïde. She does most of the artwork for the cds that Prikosnovenie release. We used the back cover image from The Vast Astonishment on the opening page of our website.   It is one of our favourite pieces of art and conveys what we are aiming to achieve with the music.   There is just the right balance of beauty and darkness.    When Sabine is designing artwork for our cds, we like to let her listen to the music and come up with her own ideas rather than influencing her with our own thoughts.   This way, the artwork is a pure reaction to the music.  

You used some live material of your show in France as a bonus. Can you tell us more about that show, because we heard that it was pretty special?
That was a magical gig for us.   We were playing outside, beside a huge lake, surrounded by forest, in the grounds of Chateau de Comper en Broceliande. The Chateau is in the heart of Brittany and, in Arthurian legend, is said to be the place where Merlin and Vivien fell in love.   
It is always wonderful to play in the open air because the elements of nature join in.   We started playing at dusk, and swallows were circling and calling above us.   As it got darker, the frogs in the lake behind us started singing along.   Mihaela even swallowed a mosquito half way through a song and had to stop.   Unfortunately, Paul chose to wear chain mail, which felt like ice by the end of the concert – so a warning to any other bands out there who might want to wear chain mail next to the skin for an outdoor gig at night – don’t do it!

Is it difficult for an act like Pinknruby to get live performances (or is it different in every country)?

It was difficult when we first started performing, as we are fairly unconventional.   Getting gigs is a matter of finding the right venues for the sort of music we do.   The places we like to play best are the intimate ones.   They suit the gentle nature of our music and we like the communication between us and the audience.   We also like to dress up in outrageous clothes and wear a lot of make up so, our audiences have got to be open minded.   At the moment, we are happy as we are getting good gigs regularly and we’re really enjoying playing out at the moment.   

You created an animation for a show in Siberia. Can you tell us more about the performance in Siberia? I can imagine that was pretty special, performing in Siberia?
Actually, we didn’t end up playing in Siberia, which is why we made the animation and sent it to them to play at the festival.   The animation is set to our song Zacetek and you can see it at www.pinknruby.com/zacetekweb4.html.   The festival is called Zhivaya Voda and takes place in Altai in Siberia each summer.   They were hoping to get a grant to bring us over, but in the end it didn’t work out and we couldn’t afford the plane tickets ourselves!   Hopefully one day we’ll get to play there.   

Who created your lovely website?

We created the website ourselves, so thanks for the compliment.   It’s nice to do some visual stuff – it makes a change from creating music – different parts of your brain and heart are exercised.     We love the cycles of renewal that are present all around us.   The moon represents that the best for us, which is why the moon whirls around its different phases on the site.   We hope the site is going to be more and more of a resource as well as just telling people about Pinknruby.   We are in the process of making a herb page, to encourage people to make their own simple remedies from common plants.   We are also creating a resource for bands, as part of a collective of musicians called wupadupa.com.   We like the idea of musicians helping each other, as we are all in the end interested in the same thing, which is creating beautiful music.   

If you had three wishes, you would wish for?

Mihaela: Make peace with myself, see the aurora borealis in the stillness of winter and that everyone in the world would communicate with each other just by singing, for a whole month.
Paul: Peace for the world, health for myself, love in all things…

Something you always wanted to say, but never was asked…

Mihaela: What is the sound at the beginning of Nader Margh?   It is the sound of an insect flying through an Aeolian harp, slowed down.
Paul: What is the equation of Creation?   0 = -1 +1

The vast astonishment Digipack

Style: References: Flëur, Cocteau Twins
October 2003 - 11 Titles (digipack)

Pinknruby captures the current spirit of Prikosnovenie. The band consists of Slovene singer Mihaela Repina and English guitarist Paul Bradbury. Their songs, sparkling and faeryesque, engender a dreamlike state in the listener. The sensual and melancholic voice of Mihaela will enchant Cocteau Twins and Flëur fans. Acoustic guitars, balkan instruments, percussion, piano, chimes, sounds from nature. The music is like a butterfly flying from flower to flower, evoking the beauty of Nature, the Moon, the Stars and Silence. This is an invitation to listen to our World, to discover the angel within each of us, to celebrate life with joy. These spelling melodies will leave you with a feeling of


MP3 : Morje

MP3 : Angel

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"Pinknruby began in 1998 with the aim of creating dance music with strong melodies. We wrote an album’s worth of garage, drumnbass and chillout tunes which received some interest, most notably from DJ Face, who was keen to remix one of our tunes. Nothing definite materialised though and at the beginning of 2002, we decided to try something totally different. We had both played folk guitar in the past and decided to go back to doing some simple accoustic tunes. However, influenced by years of writing dance music, we ended up producing accoustic pieces that employed dance techniques such as looping, reversing, heavy eq-ing etc. The resulting album is “The Vast Astonishment” which we believe is like a bridge between age old song traditions and modern technology.
Technique aside, we have attempted to create an album of beauty, where each song adds something to the last, where there is plenty of melody, plenty to sing along to and plenty to bring joy to the listener.
The lyrics, which are in Slovene, include miniature fairy tales, incantations to the beauty of the world, philosophical reflections on the self: in other words, very personal things that go on in our heads but that we are often too afraid to express to the world outside.
At present, we are busy rehearsing a live set derived from the album and playing out at small venues in London. We already have a few ideas for a second album which will be a development on from The Vast Astonishment and we are also finishing a few dance tunes which we will try and get released sometime in the future."
(by the singer Mihaela Repina and Guitarist Paul Bradbury




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