Love sessions
Love Sessions 2
Love Sessions


Love Sessions 2

Love Sessions 2


Meeting Francesco Banchini - Louisa John-Krol - Lys

Style: Nu-World, accoustic
Références : Dead Can Dance, Loreena Mc kennit
Déc 2005 -
Prik099 - 16 trackss + video 17 min

The most beautiful meeting ever done in Prikosnovenie studio!
After their European tour in 2002, Louisa John-Krol and Francesco Banchini (GOR) recorded in France in our Studio. 'The magic' happened between the 2 musicians who composed together 16 tracks directed by Lys. The atmosphere is heavenly with a real focus on Louisa's exceptional voice and Francesco Banchini's mystical instrumentations. The French harpist Mandragora enlightened some tracks with her soft fairy touches. This meeting resulted in a fantastic musical complicity. The 2 musicians mixed their inspirations for oriental sings and percussions, fairy tales and magical atmospheres, melancholic clarinet and soft ballads. Let's discover this magical meeting through a 20 minutes video bonus that shows the 2 great performers on tour, in interview and recording in studio.

Tracks : 1- [L’aveu] 2- Shofar (Inner Mix) 3- [Secrets] 4- Quando la notte arriverà 5- La battaglia degli elfi 6- Alexandria 7- Emeraude 8- Lumière à Saint Lumine 9- The lily and the rose 10- [Naïades] 11- Riviere de Lys 12- Sea Nights of Napoli 13- [Un souffle d’or] 14- Dendrophori 15- L’ultimo tramonto 16- Yahil + 17 min. Video

MP3 :Dendrophori

MP3 : Yahil

MP3 : Rivières de Lys


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Review :

"...When you listen to love Session 2 it is useless to resists the draw of the music. With the right listening environment you find yourself gently being torn away from the mundane world of daily existence as you drift through time, place and culture. The experience of this musical convergence is like standing at the crossroads of an ancient byway. Each artist brings their own unique personal and musical character to the recording session. The combined force of these three established musicians is fantastic and indefinable. Akin to the more glorified moments of Dead Can Dance the music of love sessions 2 is undeniably original and evocative. I highly recommend love sessions 2 to all of Prikosnovenie’s established listeners. Readers not familiar with the musicians of Prikosnovenie are encouraged to hear love sessions 2 as it is a great introduction to the musical aesthetic of the three artists featured on the release as well as a fine introduction to discography of Prikosnovenie." Heaten harvest

Love Sessions 1

Love sessions 1

Meeting Francesco Banchini - Louisa John-Krol - Daemonia Nymphe - Lys
Style: Nu-World, accoustic
References: Dead Can Dance, Loreena Mc kennit

Dec 2002 - 12 Titles

A musical meeting of 5 international talented bands from the fairy Label Prikosnovenie. This album will attract you with the magic, sensuality, mysticism of these musicians' ancestral roots.
This musical meeting has been managed by Prikosnovenie in the medieval city of Clisson (covers). Five artists of the label shared their national sensibilities to create poetry of Love with no frontiers.The Italian sensibility of Francesco (GOR/ ATARAXIA) emphasized by the faerie elevating voice of LOUISA, Spyros' (DAEMONIA NYMPHE) nostalgic souvenirs from Greek antiquity embodied by the natural breath of LYS samples. An opus is born, full of joy, sadness, magic, mementos and intimacy, in one word LOVE. A sweet journey with pop influence, Arabian transe, Balkanic ambience, southerner warmth...

TITRES: Dante o' Dore/ Wadi el'arish / Etheros/ Zjw / Capriccio di cenere/ les cloches de Clisson/ Sacrum II / Over the Border/ Physeos/ Escalder's spellbinding/ Oceano/ Bacchic feast/

MP3 : Wadi el 'arish

MP3 : Physeos

MP3 : Escalder's Spellbinding


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Review: Twilight
Refined sensibility, mystical interpretations and ancestral projections of Lys, Spyros (Daemonia Nymphe), Francesco Banchini (Gor) and Louisa John-Krol are combined by Prikos with this magical album. Experiences of these artists transform this musical encounter in a shining work and valuable cultural crossroads, illuminated by ancient traditions and covered by magical energies. Music that lambs Mediterranean, Provencal and Celtic lands in remote ages, iridescent faeric-folk sonnettes and pagan/ethereal poetries. These sonorous currents show us: a Dead Can Dance spirituality in "Sacrum II" and "Etheros", nymphsÕ ponds in "Dante o' Dor²", vivid saltarelli in "Bacchic Feast", heraldic potions in "the Ocean", celtic liveries in "Physeos", rustic sunsets of "Capriccio Di Cenere". Twelve intense tracks and careful sounds, for unblemished musical landscapes, immersed into the deep forests of catharsis.

Review from moonlightshadows mag:

Do you really think you can imagine what would be the result of having five talented musicians collaborating over an album, with the aim of creating a musical journey that could bring love and joy to the listener? No, you can‚t. Not even in your wildest dreams you can imagine this journey. Listen to this album with your eyes closed and you will be embraced by
millions of sweet melodies and enchanting voices that will lead your mind into places never seen before. You will very gently fly from the skies above, after touching the sun, to the deepest waters of the seas, to find yourself talking with several mermaids lost in the endless blue of the oceans. you will feel strong as the wind, free as a bird, pure as a new born
child, light as a feather, calm as a tranquil sea in the summer night and simultaneously here is the magic of this album congregated- sad as a solitary king, depressed like a father who has lost all of his children, nostalgia as if you were an immigrant that has left his country for good, painful as a husband whose wife is lying dead in his arms, the emptiness
that fills you when you are totally forsaken. A piece of music that blends so nicely all these different emotions. A piece of art that speaks straight to your heart. A trip that has no chronicle boundaries, as if we have entered a cloister. Starting from the pride times of Ancient Greece/ Hellas to the glorious years of the Roman Empire till the more recent times of Renaissance until we reach the last stop of our eternal voyage which lies in our modern Europe.What Spyros Giasafakis (Daemonia Numphe), Franscesco Banchini (GOR), Louisa John-Krol, Marlene Etrillard and Frederic Chaplain (Lys) have created is
beyond any description and, I suppose, their own expectations. Those five individuals that were sharing the same musical vision managed to capture in a cd and display to the whole world the ethereal and magical powers of music. By using their exceptional musicianship and exquisite voices in perfect harmony while being inspired by the beauty of Clisson (place where
the recordings took place) the artists behind this compilation show us how can love be the guiding light in our lives. In case you really love what you do, you‚ll taste for once true happiness and joy. Or at least be released for a while from the ghost of depression.The meeting of these five musicians has offered to mankind a monumental album (this word seems so small when talking about masterpieces like this one) that can stand as a proud example of how music can connect people and
bring them closer. In these difficult times that we are going through, when actually every civilization loses its unique characteristics and all countries are boiling over the same melting pot, music can be the answer, if it is combined with the appropriate love from the artist and the listener. You can consider me as a romantic fool, and maybe I am. On other occasion I might be completely seduced by the beauty of this recording, but again, who cares? To tell you the truth, I prefer to spend a few moments lost in these romantic/ impossible thoughts of mine instead of being overwhelmed by my everyday obligations If you share the same opinion with me, then book a ticket for this journey as soon as possible you won‚t regret it. I don‚t think there is one single person in this world that cannot be touched/ moved by this music, even a little tiny bit."

John Zikos/ Moonlight Shadows mag. (GRE)