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Julien Julian
Terre 1998



Le Tchak

Style: Childish minimalist music. Mecanium, piano,toys, flutes...
October 2004 - 16 tracks - 40'

Klimperei is a famous duet playing typical minimalist french music with piano, toys, flutes, percussions... They are reminiscent of Pascal Comelade, Yann Tiersen, Nino Rota.16 pieces of life between childish music, nostalgic jazz and funny toys, experimentations. This is music for your childish part: an expressionist theater for puppets. Crazy, delicate and unique!

Titres : 1- Several little dances 2- Aïeul conforme 3- Tidalum 4- Petit samedi 5- Le procès 6- Terrasses 7- Calmes projets 8- Planet Rabbit 9- Aloé Véra 10- Je ne sais pas 11- Ouais mais ch't'aime 12- Au petit matin 13- Côté cœur 14- La maison de poupées 15- Dans un coin

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several little dances




Un p'tit coin d'ciel gris CD
Style: Minimalist music. Piano, toys, flutes, percussions...
References: Pascal Comelade, Yann Tiersen, Nino Rota.

October 2000 - 26 titles - 70'

They called this album their sad album. But, in fact, this is a really lovely new album full of melancolic pop/new-wave tunes. With their xylophon, guitar, piano, small toys, bird toys, old synths,drum-machine, Klimperei reminds us of our adolescence -first love, deception but also poetry and derision. Are they serious or joking? Anyway, they strike again with 26 songs for the Autumn.

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Klimperei was formed near 1985
by Françoise & Christophe Petchanatz
after CP stopped his solo project « Los Paranos ».
This music is often described as « toy-music, naïve, acoustic, experimental,
minimal, childish, neo-classic, bizarre, avant-garde, lunaire...  French toy-pop. »
In the same time CP & FP played & recorded
in Deleted and Al & Del projects.

DISCOGRAPHY of Klimperei
1992: Tout seul sur la plage en hiver - CD - Ayaa
1994: Klimperei/Gandera - Le petit aeroplane - split CD - Facade
1995: Blumenfabrik - CD - Ayaa
1998: Mécanologie portative - CD - Prikosnovenie
1999: La machine a triboulot - CD - Organic
2000: Alice au pays des merveilles - CD - Inpolysons
2000: Un p'tit coin d'ciel gris - CD - Prikosnovenie


et Pierre BASTIEN

Pierre Bastien website




Style: Minimalist music. Mecanium, piano, toys, flutes, percussions...
References: Pascal Comelade, Yann Tiersen, Nino Rota.

December1998 - 18 Titles - 52'

18 pieces of live between childish music, nostalgic jazz and funny toys experimentations. A successful collaboration between Pierre Bastien (one of the Comelade's fellow) and the strange duo Klimperei.

MP3 :
Morceau en Forme de Pinces

MP3 : Sous les Tropiques


BIOGRAPHIE de Pierre Bastien :
Pierre Bastien (born Paris, 1953) post-graduated in eighteenth-century French literature at University Paris-Sorbonne. In 1977 he built his first musical machinery. For the next ten years he has been composing for dance companies and playing with Pascal Comelade. In the meantime he was constantly developing his mechanical orchestra. Since 1987 he concentrates on it through solo performances, sound installations, recordings and collaborations with such artists as Pierrick Sorin, Karel Doing, Jean Weinfeld, Robert Wyatt or Issey Miyake.The French composer and multi-instrumentalist Pierre Bastien played first in some collective bands (Operation Rhino, Nu Creative Methods, Effectifs de Profil), and with the Dominique Bagouet Dance Company.
Around 1986 he started participating in Pascal Comelade's Bel Canto Orquesta. At the same time he created - and literally built - his own orchestra called Mecanium : an ensemble of musical automatons constructed from meccano parts and activated by electro-motors, that are playing on acoustic instruments from all over the world.
" A composer's dream : a fail-safe orchestra at one's fingertips obeying ever so gently to his every command : a timeless sounding orchestra, both futuristic and slightly dada, conjuring ancient traditions in its surprisingly sensuous music. This is, in a nutshell what Pierre Bastien's "Mecanium" is all about, a daydream of sorts that he has successfully pursued since 1976. The musicians of his orchestra are machines. And the idea behind it is simple, efficient and poetic : to have traditional instruments (Chinese lute, Morrocan bendir, Javanese saron, koto, violin, sanza, etc.) played by a mechanical instrument made of meccano pieces and recycled turntable motors. These hybrid and self-playing sound sculptures perform a series of short pieces, charming and hypnotic. " (Michel F. Côté)
In the nineties the mechanical orchestra developed up to 80 elements. It took part in music festivals and art exhibitions in Norway (World Music Days'90), Australia (Tisea'92), Japan (Artec'95), Canada (Fimav'95, Sound Symposium'98), Poland (Warsaw Autumn'95), United States (Flea Festival'96)…
In the recent years, Pierre Bastien and his machines collaborated with video artist Pierrick Sorin, Klimperei, fashion designer Issey Miyake, dj Low, British singer and composer Robert Wyatt and the Trottola circus. The most recent compositions were released on Lowlands and Rephlex.

* 1988 : Mecanium, chez ADN
* 1993 : Musiques Machinales, chez Saxophone et musiques novatrices
* 1995 : Eggs Air Sister Steel, chez In Poly Sons
* 1998 : Mécanologie portative (avec Klimperei), chez Prikosnovénie
* 1999 : Musiques paralloïdres, chez Lowlands
* 2001 : Mecanoid, chez Rephlex
* 2002 : Mots d'Heures : Gousses, Rames, en collaboration avec Lukas Simonis, chez In Poly Sons
Pierre Bastien dispose d'un site officiel, très complet (en particulier en ce qui concerne son abondante discographie) à



Style: childish & instrumental music.
References: Klimperei, Nino Rota.

April 2000 - 11 Titles - 45'

Julian Julien could be a cousin of Klimperei or Yann Tiersen... He plays with percussions, tablas, violins and creates a universe of fun fair and childhood. An instrumental album between little stories, travellings, quatuor like the soundtrack of our childhood.

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2000 : Terre - CD - Prikosnovenie