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References: Dead can Dance, Arvo part, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ...
April 2006 - 13 Tracks - 61:20'

Karin comes from Gotland Island an old civilization island with its own unique creation myth. "It is a strange, in a way isolated island..."
The music of Karin is a truly unique melding of ancient Nordic music and modern experimental sound structure. Höghielm has a stunning voice, comparable in places to Lisa Gerrard, and she uses it to full effect, singing not only in her native Gotlandish but also in Latin and a form of wordless mouth music that is reminiscent of Tuvan throat singing... Aspects of seemingly disparate styles such as Arabic and Indian music are in evidence throughout, giving credence to the theory that all of the planets music is rooted in single pool of sound. "Apocryphal" is An ethereal and solemn moment leads by an exceptionnal voice.

Titres: 1. Stanley Park 2. Sensomoto 3. Entrada 4. Kyrie 5. Roma ruined abbey 6. Sordo 7. Miller in memoriam 8. Ave Maria 9. Lame'nto 10. Aguéli 11. Domini 12. Vocalis 13 Teidlausr

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"Karin Hoghielm has a truly extraordinary voice. It is very tempting to compare her voice and way of singing with Lisa Gerrard. Karin sings in the ‘’Gotlandic’’ , a Nordic language from the Scandinavian island with the same name. She also uses throat singing such as is used in the Tuvan culture. A way of singing in which low tones are produced and at the same time also very high whistling sounds, which creates upper tones and multiple different tones (2 or 3) are produced simultaneously. Originally this was only a male practice, as according to the animistic tradition this would affect the fertility of females. In modern times it however is practised by more and more women as well. Apocryphal reminded me more than once of the Book of Days album by the vocal artist Meredith Monk. The atmosphere on this cd is classical, yet playful. Think a collaboration of Lisa Gerrard and Arvo Part if you really want to categorize this. A part of the lyrics are in Latin. It is best comparable with the solowork of Lisa Gerrard yet the music on Apocryphal is less bombastic. Now and then suntly Arabic elements are integrated into the vocals. Also special is the childrens choir in ‘Miller in Memoriam’. The songs on this album have already been recorded in the late ‘90’s. Luckily the material finds it’s way to the audience thanks to the efforts of the Prikosnovenie label. " Gothronic - technoir

-Simple yet consistent melancholy multi-music…Often caustic and unpolished, inspired by primitive music and non-European or older European singers.The style feels influenced by minimalism. It lies close to hand to compare her to the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

“Imbued with an air of almost liturgical spirituality, her music is ancient and cutting-edge at the same time. Apocryphal is an intriguing intelligently conceived work.”
Dirty Linen – the magazine of folk and world music - Baltimore, USA

-The artist has a good portion of individuality to blend various styles and make it her own kind of variety of music. Karin succeeds to create a certain aria of contemplation within this blend of various musical sources involved. Here music is balanced and gentle. Very recommended.
Psyche van het Folk – Belgium

-Brilliant new music from Sweden. Vocal ensemble music. Very stunning and delightful
Earwawes Network - Berkeley, USA

-Karin Höghielm is a vocalist who, on this disc, demonstrate a completely stunning voice. A CD that I`d recommend to any fan of highly original vocal music.
Chaos Realm - music magazine-Baltimore, USA

-The Vikings meet Dead Can Dance.
HYBRID - Australia

-Wonderful music.
Women on air - New York

- It is captivating from the first moment.
Multi Kulti - Berlin-In part, this music sounds like a cross between Meredith Monk and the group Dead Can Dance. Modern experiments are blended into a sacred base structure. It is also these unpredictable mixtures that attract the listener.
Norra Skåne (national daily newspaper) Sweden-Remarkably versatile.

-Karin Höghielm has an exciting voice, the mysteriousness of which entices. She receives good assistance from her highly proficient colleagues, on everything from bass to gothic harp. The music in its totality has a mystical framework, which creates a very special atmosphere and reminds me of the good old Dead Can Dance. The fact that this record is so well produced adds an excellent finish, through which both the expressions are done justice…Oh yes, I definitely recommend this record to those on the lookout for music with depth. The record is most definitely at its best in the small hours, when one has adequate time for reflection and consideration.
Panorama Musikk - Norway