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Croisades Digipack

Style: Medieval music
Ref: Estampie, Sarband, Freiburger Spielleyt, Ataraxia.

Francesco Banchini from GOR, finaliy delivers the best of his first passion,medieval rites and instruments from the middle age, a real mystic and romantic opus made with passion.
'Each and every man faces in his lifetime the fear of being confronted to love, war, society, misery, depression, solitude & so forth... Notwithstanding, there is a particular thing these differing arguments all have in common: the wait of hope. In each of these occurences, there's the wait of a possible change that might bring benefit and serenity in the years of one's life. This cd tales of events that occured to various people in the past, and even though much time has passed since you'll notice that nothing has fundamentally changed. This passage through various hisorical events should help you realize how things repeat themselves in circles, and, furthermore, that being rigid towards oneself ain't necessary to find one's righteous way - indeed, the most important thing is to give one's self totally and heartfeltedly, and to struggle with faith when one believes in a right cause, in a complete moral and ethical respect towards our peers.' Francesco Banchini

Tracks : Paubres es amorosa; Mon cor aders; Mais no seria; Alla societate; En ben amar; Per Crist; Vilan cortes; Don soi joios; Flamma amoris; Fraternitas; A l’entrada del temps clar.

MP3 : En ben amar

MP3 :Fraternitas

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QUMRAN Digipack

Style: Gothic and medieval music
References: Dead can dance, Daemonia nymphe

Qumran is the fourth album of Francesco. He leads us towards middle east countries where the Christ is born.Voices and choirs are magnificent and moving, instruments melodies blend percussions, flute, clarinet...Energy reminiscent of Dead Can Dance mixed with Daemonia Nymphe’s mythology. Undoubtly GOR’s best album.The track "Yahil" on "Fairy world" is an extract of this album.

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REVIEW "Chaindlk" :
Lately Francesco Banchini has been more active as Gor than as Ataraxia's percussionist. QUMRAN is his latest effort and it seems that it's his most particular one. Not only for the music but mainly because it's the first one that needed a direct explanation from the musician as QUMRAN is the result of his personal path into spiritual research. Here're a couple of excerpts of what he wrote into the CD: "Qumran is the name of a region in Transjordan and precisely in a site where the essens lived (from 138 b.c. to 68 a.d.) the Hebrew community which lived to research knowledge and God. The journey I went through tends towards the research of God touching the various aspects of the monotheistic religions. In this context you will listen to different ritualistic music forms linked together by the Hebrew and Christian biblical texts" and "The objective is to give a message of reciprocal respect so that differences can go on together, understanding and accepting each other, doing something concrete for this world, no letting it die in the hands of egoistic people who make religion their shield". As you can imagine the music has got a deep middle-eastern taste with a lot of chants, percussions and characteristics instruments. While his old works had different moments / atmospheres performed with different instruments, QUMRAN is the most homogenic and only the last track "Miryam" remember me a little some tracks of "Ialdabaoth", his most dark
release. Approach yourselves to this CD being aware that this isn't only music.


-Soleil- GOR and JACK or JIVE

December 2002 - 8 Titles -

Musical meeting of medieval percussions with atmospheric ambiant. A real challenge to bind these two musicians with such different styles. The waving ethereal voice of Chako using a traditional Japanese technic, transported by GOR' s percussion and spelling medieval instruments. The result of GOR's mediterranean warmth with Buddhism's sensibility create sounds and images never experimented before

TITLES:Hammiqdash/ shofar/ Hieros Gamos/ Masiqta/ Zeloun/ Heimarmene/ Gulgatha/ Blue curtain.

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-Phlegraei- CD

October 2002 - 12 Titles - 60'

This third album Phlegraei ends the trilogy begun with Bellum Gnosticorum (2000) and Ialdabaoth(2001). The talentuous Francesco Banchini, percussionnist, guitarist, singer, clarinetist, offers a fantastic travel into multicolor universes. A travel into the middle Age, with beautiful medieval songs reminiscent of Estampie or Ataraxia. Romantic and melancolic ballads blend bendir, acoustic guitar, incredible voices, bombard and serpentic clarinet. Francesco Banchini met the Roms in the fields of Naples and made yiddish dancing songs with bewitchingcroatian choirs (cf Bregovic and Kusturica movies). The music brings us into cathar time and coptic temples in Egypt.
Instruments: guitar, tabla, didgeridoo, bombard, flute, violin, bendir, percussions, clarinet, male voice and croatian choirs. Lyrics in italian, coptic, latin.

TITLES:hymnarium Gnosticum/ Serapeum/ Consolamentum/ Sulphuraria/ Antrum Sibyllae/Dendrophori/ Edah/ Dompna/ Ghibborim/ Epiklesis/ Trasfiguratio/Calvarium.


MP3 : Antrum Sibyllae

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may 2001 - 10 titles - 50'

GOR comes back with the second part of "Bellum Gnosticorum" but on the dark side. It's absolutly incredible!!! Big percussions, incantations, acoustic guitar push us into a world of confusion, fusion and fire. As powerful as Rosa Crux, Ataraxia's percussionnist delivers a real masterpiece. Discover devil-gothic medieval at his best!
In a few words: a must for all heavenly/neo-folk/medieval and Ataraxia's fan.

TITLES: Salva Meam / Kyrie Eleison / Eximi possit imperio / Rosa mistica/ Inno al demiurgo / Regis Mundum / Pneuma / Nomine Christe / Glorificatur Templi / Kalila

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Bellum Gnosticorum

Style: Ethnic-medieval
References: Rajna, Les Secrets de Morphee, Ataraxia
april 2000 - 10 titles - 50'

GOR is Francesco Banchini, Ataraxia's talented percussionnist on last Tour. With Bellum Gnosticorum (the war between Good and Bad), he plays a lot different acoustic instruments in order to create a romantic, ethno-medieval music. His work on percussions is impressive: he blends Rajna's feelings with the depth of Les Secrets de Morphee. The orchestrations are also really melodic and melancolic between yiddish harmonies (clarinet, flutes, acoustic guitare) and gothic incantations...
In a few words: a must for all heavenly/neo-folk/medieval and Ataraxia's fan.

TITLES: Urgrund / Shabath / La danza di Salome / Gnosi/ Canto di Norea / Trasmutazione II / Ophis / Manda d'Hayye / Ruha d'Qudsha / Pistis Sophia

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1993 – Christos  CS Autoprod. – Italie.
1994 – Genocidio di Ordine Religioso CS Autoprod. – Italie.
1995 – Cybernos CS Autoprod. – Italie.
1996 – Iniziazione CS Autoprod. – Italie.
1997 – Entrar sen bras CS Autoprod. – Italie.
1997 – Dicearchia  CS Autoprod. – Italie.
1998 – Ruha d’Qudsha CS Autoprod. – Italie.
1999 – Solitudo corpus CS Autoprod. – Italie.
2000 – Bellum Gnosticorum  Prikosnovenie – France.
2001 – Ialdabaoth Prikosnovenie – France
2002 – Phlegraei  Prikosnovenie - France.
2003 – Qumran  Prikosnovenie - France.
2004 – Croisades  Prikosnovenie - France.



Born on the  24/09/1974, he had his first contact with music when he was six years old, studying and playing the clarinet with the Band of Pozzuoli, his home town. At the age of fourteen he starts attending the Conservatory of S. Pietro a Majella of  Naples,  to graduate six years after with the highest grade.

From 1989 to 1995 he has an intense live activity, and participates to various classic music contests, as a soloist and with a clarinet trio , he created in this period. The musical research of Francesco stimulates the musical contamination and experimentation, trying to blend different musical styles starting from classical music, passing through the medieval one, arriving at ethnical music, and precisely the traditional music of the south of Italy , east Europe and the Middle East .

1997 the trio of clarinets under the pseudonym of “Dicearchia” produces   a demo tape and starts playing live. The year after the group breaks up.  In the same year Francesco starts playing in various musical therapy gatherings. This experience will be a source of inspiration to research new sounds and musical forms.  In  1999,  he starts  collaborating  with the musical group called “Ataraxia”,  playing various instruments in their  live concerts.
In the same year  Francesco and other friends create a musical group that tours and plays in the streets called “Mescla”.
In 1999 and in  2000, Francesco is the artist director of the Medieval Festival  in Campania,  held in Casaluce  a small town in the hinterland of Naples

In  2000 the first soloist disc is published “Bellum Gnosticorum”  for record label Prikosnovenie, France. In  2001 for the same label, a second disc is published “Ialdabaoth”.
In   2002 the third cd “Phlegraei” is published. There are various other collaborations: with the Japanese group  Jack Or Jive in the cd “Soleil”; and in the cd entitled “Love Sessions” which  includes  the following  groups : LYS(France), Louisa John-Krol(Australia), Daemonia Nymphe(Greece), Marlene/Voilaoz(France), Liz Van Dort / Faraway (Australia) all these projects have been published by the French record label Prikosnovenie; except the collaboration with the group  Morpheus (Spain);  and with the Napoletan  violinist Lino Cannavacciuolo(Italy).

In  2003, Francesco is writing the soundtrack for an  independent  American film called  “ Honey” of Evan Cagle.  He is also writing the  music for the group “ The Soil Bleeds Black”(U.S.A), and is working on a song of the last cd of the  Australian singer  Louisa John Krol.
In 2003 “Qumran”, fourth album of Francesco, has been published, and  the DVD audio called “Temporis Recurrens”  is on its way to be published.
In 2004 the following cds will be published “Amore & Tradimento” a different kind of cd which mixes sound of gipsy music to Greek melodies; “Croisades” a cd of medieval music that will be published in May, Love Sessions 2 and Live concert will be published in September.