A dark & romantic tale between lights & shadows.

demian clav

Wisteria lodge

CD + booklet. 9 tracks. 53’. Feb. 2011
Gothic/Progressive & neoclassic
Ref : Legendary Pink dots - Ashram - And Also The trees - Artesia

Demian Clav’s duo, led by LSK’s voice, offers us a impressive second album.
These tracks alternate tormented and gothic accents with pieces almost classical and atmospherics. The singer voice is the faithful story-teller of this tale between light and shadow, sometimes enriched by a female chant.
This album inspires itself from one of a Sherlock Holmes story : « Wisteria Lodge » : the name of an old house where a young lady (a man in the Conan Doyle original work) is invited by an ancient South-American dictator purchased by the European police.
The music flows as in a mysterious and amazing ancient movie. All orchestrations, including drums both acoustic or industrial, folk and electric
guitar, cello, violins and organs, are magnificent.
There you will find And Also the Trees dandy-like spirit, Morthem Vlade Art blackness, Ashram romanticism, Artesia melancholy and Legendary Pink Dots inspiration.
This album can be listened again and again, each time you will be moved by its deep and delicate arrangements. It lives, it boils, it screams as in a rock opera (Dead Offering).
A deep and mysterious musical work you must discover now !


9 tracks :
1 White mirror 2 Bewilderment 3 Winter lies sonata 4 Dead offering 5 Useless servant 6 Heart's grave 7 Voices 8 Wisteria lodge enigma 9 Someone


Dead offering

Useless servant

White mirror

Wisteria lodge enigma


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Review :

'If Jarvis Cocker recorded an album inspired by 70s prog rock it might sound like this. Coming across like the soundtrack to a surreal dream, this intriguing album from Frenchman ‘LSK’ features cellos, squeaking fret work, pipe organ sounds and Romany violins to good effect. It rarely raises its pace above that of above a heartbeat and when it does on Me, Myself and I it has as much in common with 60s psyche as it does 70s art rock. That they’ve supported The Legendary Pink Dots on tour must be some independent measure of quality. One of the unsolicited items that often appear in the dsoaudio post box, this debut was followed up last year by a second album Night at the Catacombs, and a third album entitled Wisteria Lodge was recorded earlier this year. I might just have to do some soliciting.' (Dso/Rob Dyer)

Le groupe :

In 2006, in Nantes (France), LSK formed Demian Clav with Aurélien Chevalier (Lead guitar) who left the band in September 2009. LSK plays with Antonin Faurel & Wehwalt (Bass), Xandr & Chris (Drums) & Simon Garot (Guitar) between 2006 & 2009 until he meets Jean-Charles Wintrebert (Drums & Cello) who joined Demian Clav in October 2009.


Line-up :

LSK : Voice, guitars, keyboards.
Jean-Charles Wintrebert : Drums and cello. Sound ingeneer.

Shows 2008 /2010:

Nantes : Le Kran, Le Floride with The Legendary Pink Dots,
Paris : Le Slow Club, La Féline, La Cantada II, le Yono,
Lyon : Le Lyon's Hall, Geneva : KAB Usine also with The Legendary Pink Dots,
Le château de Chambord,


Discography :

"Nightfall Prayers" Cykxincorp Records Dec 2009
« Wisteria Lodge » Prikosnovenie Fev 2011


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