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Crista galli
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Duet of harmonic chant between sacred music and world music.


Prik132 - Digipack limited to 1000 ex


Ref : David Hyke, Jack or Jive, Christian Wolz
Style : harmonic chants, relaxation, sacred music Celtic & Oriental...

Crista Galli sounds like the luminous side of Daemonia Nymphe and the hidden side of Loreena Mckennitt. ‘This second disc is the following of a long path toward the kingdom of Heart and light. We left from the dusk, where vanished the sun in the Ocean, where we left in frogotten place our mythologies, godesses... Then we go at the meeting of the rising sun of Asia to re-appropriate our enchanter powers and sow again our Earth.
The Celtic occident and the Asian orient entwine to celebrate the earth and the spirits of Nature in a play of contrasts between the crystal voice of Shayna, the shamanic incantations and the deep male harmonic chants. The ethnical instruments (jew's harp, didjeridoo, cithara, Celtic harp, koto and percussions) meet the piano and the cello to take you on a journey into other worlds.

13 morceaux :
1-Armor mirror
3-Ambre et violet

4-Joies et mystères
6-Messager de la pluie
7-Clair de lune
8-Pakawa shaman

10-Pakawa dance
11-Berceuse Suayo


13-Seacht ndolas na Maighdine muire

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Prik882 - CD

Matrice d'eau

Ref : Dead can Dance, David Hyke, Jack or Jive, Christian Wolz
Style : Diphonic chants, relaxation...

Waters' mystery
Majestic diphonic chants meet with a world instrumentation, and take inspiration from the cairn’s force of a Breton island.

8 tracks :
4-Oriental Garden MP3

5-Gavrinis part 1
6-Gavrinis part 2
7-Gavrinis part 3
8-Gavrinis part 4

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