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Vernes-monde 2010
collection d'arnell andrea
Cirses des champs

Live acoustic 2008




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Vernes-monde - New !
Digisleeve + book 16 color pages - limited to 1500 ex - Dec 2010

collection d'arnell andrea
Digisleeve + book 16 pages.
Length: 56'00

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Style: Ethereal / Darkwave

Back to atmospheric melancholy.
We are pleased to present the 9th album Collection d'Arnell-Andrea, a book-CD with 11 tracks invite us to continue the imaginative journey began 20 years earlier with 'Un automne à Loroy'.

The lyrics, mostly written in French, draw their inspiration from poems of another century, evoking a dreamlike Nature inhabitated by faceless 'Fauns' and sleeping rivers.

Chloe's chant (very 'Heavenly Voices'), especially bright and touching, haunts synths and accompanies strings (cello and viola), like the breath of a romantic autumn... Then the acoustic guitars (very few electric) like lullabies rock us through the most beautiful album Collection d'Arnell Andrea has ever done.

Our favourite Collection d'Arnell Andrea at Prikosnovenie !
Aerial and moving !

11 tracks :
1. La beauce, l'errance  2. au chevet des faunes  3. the coming of believes
4. d'autres voix que le vent 5. the world we leave 6. les champs, demain
7. dawn again 8. l'envol 9. les sables-mémoire 10. the wan plain 11. vernes-monde

Mp3 : the coming of believes

Mp3 : d'autres voix que le vent

Mp3 : les champs, demain

Mp3 : dawn again

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COLLECTION D’Arnell Andrea "Cirses des champs"
Digipack + booklet 2010

collection d'arnell andrea

Digipack + livret 2010
Ref : prik140
Durée: 49'07

Style:Electro Rock / Darkwave

We have done it ! Here the last COLLECTION D’ARNELL ANDREA’s reedition to be released !

The complete discography is now available. In 1996, Collection comes back to a more bucolic inspiration. « Cirses des champs » is a long pastoral ballad, a book to be gone through as a herbarium of feelings. In total 12 musical boards in a magic book of spells full of electric bitterness. The sound is harsher than the previous albums; guitars spread an electric sonic wall where idles the quasi-liturgical voice of Chloé .

12 tracks :
1 Le cirses des champs
2 L'andain
3 Le lierre
4 L'ivraie
5 Les nielles
6 Les prêles
7 Les ronces
8 Les mauves
9 L'armoise
10 L'ortie
11 Les buis
12 Une ronce (wherever you go)
+ Bonus track Mac Pc

Mp3 : Le cirses des champs

Mp3 : Les nielles

Mp3 : L'armoise

Mp3 :L'ortie

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"Live at 'La nuit des Fées' - Clisson 29-09-07 "
Digipack ultra-collector strictly limited to 500 ex. only on Prikosnovenie website

Digipack ultra collector only 500 ex !
Ref : prik125

Style: Neoclassic...

The acoustic live at the fest 'La Nuit des Fées 2007'
Collection celebrates its 20 years old! For 20 years, they have built a masterful musical work. Each album is a masterpiece.
Their acoustic live in the Saint Jacques Chapel (11th century) for our "Night of the fairies 2007" was a strong moment of emotion shared with only 150 privileged fans.
Discover in this album (13 titles), the magnificent classic
re-orchestrations of " The long Shadow " or " From our dark side ". The recording perfectly restitutes Collection's spirit resonating with the stones of the medieval Chapel. Chloé and Franz's voices divinely harmonized together create moments of grace... out of of time.

13 tracks :
1. Le parc enneigé
2. Au sacre des Nuits
3. Là, ici ou ailleurs
4. From our dark side
5. Les temples élevés
6. L'ombre tilleul
7. L'aulne et la mort
8. La tristesse des Mânes
9. Crossing heaven like our eternity
10. Aux mortes saisons
11. Kergal
12. The long shadow
13. Un parc, une tonnelle

Mp3. L'ombre tilleul

Mp3. Kergal

Mp3. Un parc une tonnelle

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Les marronniers

New Digipack Edition 2008
13 Tracks
Ref : Prik118
Playtime :

Digipack limited edition 900ex + booklet + video

Style: Rock Coldwave, heavenly voices, Gothic...

A cult coldwave album now rereleased!

Collection d'arnell Andrea will be at the Wave Gothic Treffen with Irfan this may 2008, it's the occasion for us to rerelease their sold out 4th album recorded in 1992. This album will confirm the band as a major coldwave band, electric, new-wave and romantic.
This French band founded in 1998 released their first album on the English label Lively Act. CDAA simply introduced in France the musical mood of 4AD label's artists (Cocteau Twins, Dead can dance...).
Today the mythic French band released 7 albums available on Prikosnovenie label.

13 tracks :
1 Kedves
2 Une Attente Fragile
3 Les Chants De Peine MP3
4 Aux Thermes
5 Rózde
6 Les Marronniers MP3
7 Le Pré Dormant MP3
8 Les Temples Elevés
9 Kergal
10 Au Sacre Des Nuits
11 Les Tilleuls
12 Une Attente Douleur (Mahan's version)
13 Collection (Anton's mind's getting blind)

Bonus track : Les temps enlevés (live movie)

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"EXPOSITION, eaux fortes et méandres"

Digipack + booklet
Ref : prik105
Length : 59'

Genre: NIN, Faith & the Muse, Sister of Mercy etc....
Style : Cold wave / Ethereal voice

The French coldwave band comes back with a new album in the mood of Faith and the Muse, NIN, Christian Death, Sonic Youth, DCD... This electric album also mix acoustic instruments as cello and alto. The 11 tracks are louder with a more powerful electro. The heavenly voice of Chloe is like a ghost shade above this noir chaos. Difficult to describe it, tribal indus, electro darkwave, neo-classic rock, coldwave, heavenly, romantic, gothic... anyway beautiful melodies, sensitivity and romanticism confirm the French touch of Collection d'Arnell Andrea.
The main difference with 'Bower of despair' is the voice of Chloe more fragile, ethereal and also electronics with more powerful beats and synthetic bass.
The concept of Exposition is to translate with Lyrics and music 11 paintings from the 19th century. Paintings with pale tones, grey skies and humans alone in Nature.
Chef d'oeuvre of the album, 'The long shadow' exhale the melodic and powerful romanticism of the 7 musicians in osmosis.
Experiment the most beautiful paintings of their "Exposition". Ä

teaser mp3

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11 tracks / 11 paintings :

la neige
1. Les sombres plis de l’âme
d’après « la neige » (1873) Charles-François DAUBIGNY

the monk on the shore
2. The monk on the shore
d'après “the monk on the shore” (1809-1810) Caspar David FRIEDRICH

femmes portant du
foin sur une civière
3. Les herbes mortes
d’après “ femmes portant du foin sur une civière” (vers 1874) Camille PISSARO

crépuscule sur loire
4. Les méandres
d’après « crépuscule sur la Loire » (1999) Richard BOUTIN

La grande Ombre
5. The long shadow
inspired by « the long shadow » (around 1805) Johan Heinrich Wilhelm TISCHBEIN

twilight fantasy
6. I can’t see your face
inspired by “ twilight fantasy” (1911) Edward Robert HUGHES
  7. Les catacombes
d’après “Loire, tristesse des Mânes » (1988) Nicolas MECHERIKI

le printemps
8. Into flowers
inspired by « l’angélus » (1858-1859) & « le printemps » (1868-1873) Jean-François MILLET

le rappel des glaneuses
9. Crowns of golden corn
inspired by “le rappel des glaneuses” (1839) Jules BRETON

10. L’eau des Mauves
d’après “Ophélie” (1852) John Everett MILLAIS

l’île des morts
11. The island of the dead
inspired by “l’île des morts” (1880) Arnold BÖCKLIN

Chronique :
Chaindlk.com : Rated : 5/5
"Each time I have to approach to a new Collection D'arnell-Andrea it's hard for me to find the right way to explain what I listened or read. This time, after experimenting with acoustic orchestrations on "Tristesse des Mânes" or with melancholic ballads on the first part of the previous "The Bower of Despair", Collection D'arnell-Andrea take inspiration to create their music and lyrics from eleven paintings coming mainly from the 19th century. This is the list of the tracks/paintings: "Les sombres plis de l’âme" inspired by "La neige" (1873) from Charles-François Daubigny, "The monk on the shore" inspired by "The monk on the shore" (1809-1810) from Caspar David Friedrich, "Les herbes mortes" inspired by "Femmes portant du foin sur une civière" (ca 1874) from Camille Pissaro, "Les méandres" inspired by "Crépuscule sur la Loire" (1999) from Richard Boutin, "The long Shadow" inspired by "The long shadow" (ca 1805) from Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, "I can’t see your face" inspired by "Twilight fantasy" (1911) from Edward Robert Hughes, "Les catacombes inspired" by "Loire, tristesse des Mânes" (1988) from Nicolas Mecheriki, "Into flowers" inspired by "l'Angélus" (1858-1859) and "Le printemps" (1868-1873) from Jean-François Mille, "Crowns of golden corn" inspired by "Le rappel des glaneuses" (1839) from Jules Breton, "L’eau des mauves" inspired by "Ophélie" (1852) from John Everett Millais and "The island of the dead" inspired by "L'île des morts" (1880) from Arnold Böcklin. On their website you can find the pictures of the different paintings (only "Loire, tristesse des Mânes" is missing). Musically this album met my tastes as it contains electronic arrangements, upbeat rhythms, passionate vocals. The band blend post punk influences (sometimes I heard also echoes of Virgin Prunes), strings orchestrations, electronic layers (see the bassline of "The monk shore" or "Into flowers") and theatrical vocals that will convince you in no time. Since the opening "Les sombres plis de l’âme" I was hypnotized by the string line that recalled me some parts of Velvet Underground's "Venus in furs". Perfect!"
Review by: Maurizio Pustianaz

  Video :
Au val des roses

New rerelease in digipack + remix + bonus track + video
Ref : prik094/ Digipack/September 2005
Style : Cold wave / Ethereal voice

Hoped by more and more fans, the re-release LP of COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDREA, entitled "Au Val Des Roses" will come out in September 2005, again with Prikosnovenie. The 8 tracks of this record (+2 bonus)may seem different from each others, but in fact, they all join in the "deep and tenebrous unity" of what we have to name from now on : The proper Style of COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDREA.
"This music is both impassioned and ravishing. Entrance me to the end of love." (D. Simpson / MELODY MAKER). "The style of this french combo could almost be categorised as a form of chamber music in which they add droning bass, drum machine and the etheral vocals of Chloé St Liphard to violins and cellos." (FOR THE RECORD). "You can hear a connection to the old parlor orchestras from the turn of the century ; hauntingly beautiful strings, with a driving bass line, and flowing, lush harmonies and... Well, what else could you want ?"(Ken DEWDROPS).

Tracks :
1-Un horizon de lune-2-Aux cordes eternelles-3-Une trêve prodigue-Une attente douleur-5-Un matin de septembre-6-Un parc, une tonnelle-7-un refuge Lointain-8-Un tiède Reposoir-9 Une attente Douleur(Mahan's version remix) + 10-Refuge, we're watching them dying (bonus)+ Trackvideo Mac/pc


MP3 : Un Horizon de Lune

MP3 : Un Matin de Septembre

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"A reissue from 1990 by the French neo-classical ensemble on the Priksnovenie label. This release veers from Dream Pop towards classical music, somehow taking in early 1990s shoe-gazing, romantic neo-classical: imagine 4AD label type material accompanied by a string quartet, or even a mellower version of the Banshees. All with defined melodies, usually tinged with a sense of melancholy that never spills over to indulgence. A very talented band whose work is always produced to a high standard. Chloe St. Liphard takes lead vocals throughout, with most of the lyrics being sung in French. 'Un Refuge Lointain' is perhaps the most impressive offering, it is hard to imagine a British band managing to produce a pop song which is also serious and sophisticated, closely followed by an impressive instrumental 'Un Tiede Respoir'. The release is rounded off by a track from 2005, 'Refuge, We're Watching Them Dying', which is altogether more Gothic rock orientated and dramatic. Mike Shankland"

"You can hear a connection to the old parlor orchestras from the turn of the century ; hauntingly beautiful strings, with a driving bass line, and flowing, lush harmonies and... Well, what else could you want ?"(Ken DEWDROPS).


The Bower of Despair  

Ref : prik086
Luxuous black digipack

Genre: Gothic Master piece reminiscent of Siouxsie, Faith & the Muse, Sister of Mercy etc....

8 years after 'Cirse des Champs', finally comes the new electric album of Collection! This expected album could have been disappointing after so many years but it's the extreme contrary. In fact the band releases theirbetter album ever done and furthermore a mythic CD for the dark cold wave scene. Music starts smoothly with Chloe' s voice, violin and guitar rising gradually in beats' trance with distorted guitars. The track ''WildTrees' is a real 'chef d'oeuvre' of black softness, with symphonic melodies, ethereal voices and a deep feeling of nostalgia. Chloe' s voice is full of black sensuality, the bass is punk/rock, guitars are dark and twisted reminiscent of 'Siouxsie & the banshees', the violin suffers of neurotic spasms, rhythms are like a crazy horse heart beats, choirs come from a deep grave... Death fits them perfectly... Frenetic dances, romanticism and dark melodies are the ingredients of this sensual and poisoned liqueur of black Beauty..to make you live forever.

Tracks :
From Our Dark Side, From Our Dark Side, The Spirits Of The Dead, Before I Die,Wild Trees, Dark Is Veiling My Dawn, All I Prayed, All I Need, Because Your Soul, Time Is Fallen, Doomed To Memories, Time Always Blows Away, Procession



MP3 : From Our Dark Side

MP3 : Wild Trees

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Un Automne à Loroy
Reissue of 1st album, bonus vidéo and unreleased track
Style: Dark Ethereal Wave
References: Dead can dance, Cocteau twins
Reissue of 1st album, bonus vidéo and unreleased track - May 2004.
first album reissued with new tracks and video of the mythic french band, the origin of their dark wave heavenly touch.

A l'Aurore Assassine, Aux Funestes Douleurs - Automne Et Long Silence, Aux Mortes Saisons, Aux Averses de Grêle, Au Delà Des Lierres (Elischeba), Aux Glycines Défuntes, Aux Aurores, Aux Sources De Gel, Anton's Death, Comme Un Marbre De Roses,Collection, Vents blessé + bonus video and photos

MP3 : Aux Mortes Saisons

MP3 : Aux Funestes Douleurs

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''Classy french purveyors of touching pop', an emerging movement across the water, Collection d'Arnell Andrea unveil a spellbinding LP of such ethereal beauty it knocks spots off the Cocteau Twins circa 'Victorialand', no mean feat believe me. Chloe's voice, around which the songs are built (it couldn't be another way), is breathtaking; a quivering choral delight of almost operatic proportions which hovers most hauntingly above the piano, bass and cello accompaniment.Designed to send a shiver up the spine of even the most bluberry of sumo wrestlers. The pinnacle of mood music." Recoll

Villers aux vents Digipack

Style: Dark Ethereal Wave
References: Dead can dance, Cocteau twins
Reissue master, bonus vidéo and remix- September 2003.

We have decided to reissue the 5th rock-wave album from the mythic french band: Collection D'Arnell Andrea. This abum is about the first World War. The music of CDAA can be described as emotionnal Cold wave: drums, electric guitars are mixed with classical instruments like cello. Chloé Saint Liphard female voice is clear and marvellous giving the mood of this tragic masterpiece. She describes the suffering of the fighters, the death, the fear, the sadness. The songs are sometimes aggresive, sometimes melancholic and always romantic. This album is full of energy of life and Collection deals about this difficult theme of War with their legendary integrity and delightful elegance. The beautiful melodies of this neo-classical rock album is an ode to the Life.
Villers-aux-vents (Février 1916) is presented in digipack. Additionnally, you will find a fantastic remix blending electro sounds and heavy guitars and a wonderful video-track.

TITRES : Les Cendre-Lisières 2. L'Aulne et la Mort 3. Le Chemin des Dames4. Les Hauts de Meuse 5. Les Parvis Déserts 6. Deaf or crazy 7. Verdun8. Deafening Breath 9. Le Ravin des Fontaines 10. L'Ornière 11 : Remix +2 bonus vidéo

MP3 : Les cendre-lisières

MP3 : Les hauts de meuse

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«Is Collection entering in the Dead can Dance and Cocteau Twins family? ...a dark opus, energic and succesfull» Best

Tristesse des Manes


tyle: French neo-classical music
References: Romantics
April 2002 - 14 Titles - 58'

The great revelation of this early year and a highly appreciated comeback for one of the most gifted Heavenly Voices acts worldwide!!! Collection d'Arnell Andrea is back with a completely new classical direction. With Cello, alto, piano and voice,Collection bring back 7 old titles in new orchestrations and offer 7 new beautiful jewels (= 14 titles). This is a romantic walk along the french river: La Loire. Chloe sings the fog, the emotions, the poetry and the spleen. This album describes the french romantic spirit of the end of the 19th Century. Beaudelaire and the war are the favourite themes for this fantastic masterpiece.

TRACKS: Aux glycines defuntes / La, ici ou ailleurs/ Au sacre des nuits / Kergal / Le parc enneige / Les chants de peine / Loire et Lethe/ Les temples eleves/ L' ombre tilleul / Aux cordes eternelles/ Un automne restant / Un parc, une tonnelle/La source du jour/la tristesse des manes.


MP3 : Au Sacre des Nuits

MP3 : Loire et Léthé

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Un automne ˆ Loroy - 1989
Au val des roses - 1990
Les marrronniers - 1992
Villers-aux-Vents - 1994
Cirses des champs - 1996
CollAGE (Best of 2 CD) - 1998
Tristesse des Manes - 2002 Prikosnovénie
Villers aux vents : rerelease 2003
Un automne à Loroy : rerelease 2004
The bower of despair : 2004
Au val des roses - Rééd - 2005
Exposition, eaux fortes et méandres - 2007

2002: L' odyssee - Prikosnovénie
2001: Belladone 2 - Prikosnovénie