Label Prikosnovenie

Box oracle cards + CD

coffret j ecoute
old celtic and nordic ballads
coffret j'ecoute

30 oracle cards 10 x14cm + booklet 32 pages + cd 15 tracks.
Label Prikosnovénie



Mastering : Frederic CHAPLAIN (
Illustrations et mise en page : Sabine Adélaïde (Sabine Adélaï

Box J'écoute
Les sons guérisseurs

The power of Sound associated with oracle cards

“J’écoute’ , " I Listen " combines the power of images , sounds and words. This is an innovative project that uses the power of sound, color and feelings . This is the first time a card game combines the Eye, the ears and inner listening.

The box is composed of 30 oracle cards (10x14cm), CD 15 tracks (77 min) and a 32 pages booklet. Each card is associated with a text or a music CD, it invites us to listen to ourselves, to her inner beauty and to open up to the beauty of this world.

Authors: This box emerged after a year of work of Prikosnovénie & Mandalia-music staff. Sabine Adelaide is the Fairyesque Illustrator, Frédéric Chaplain, the pen and ear, Arnö Pellerin the instruments sound specialist.

Audience: This Box CD+cards is for anyone sensitive to zen music, games oracle cards ( angels oracle ... ). For anyone interested in the welfare and relaxation.

15 TRACKS (77 min.):
01 - MEROPE Ruta
02 - TAMAKI, LES LIONS DE GAÏA Joshua Nalida
03 - IRFAN Star of the wind
04 - LOUP BARROW Adagio for a Howling Riderz
05 - JULIEN FIHEY A Vol d'oiseau
06 - ARFANG La Ronde des étoiles
08 - Compagnie ATIRDEL Souffle
09 - DAEMONIA NYMPHE Politeia of the unnamed
10 - ALIZBAR Flight of the elves
11 - IVO SEDLACEK Bhairav II
12 - CATHERINE DARBORD Le Chant des étoiles
13 - HOM TERRE La Chrystallide verte
15 - WAN Princesse Manta

MP3 :



Ivo Sedlacek

Catherine Darbord


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4 Vibrations ' I listen '

1 I hear the Silence World
The Box ‘J’ecoute’ allows you to listen differently. In fact, these music of a new genre that we might call 'World Spiritual' guide the listener to a new state of consciousness. Relaxed, we hear and see the world in a fairer way. Most of the sounds and music are played by intuitive instruments used in sound therapies, Native American traditions ...

2 I listen to my ‘Mess’ inside
This game invites you to listen to what is happening within us. Sometimes we discover that we are tense, stressed ... "I listen " suggests ways in images and music to calm and tame our inner agitation.

3 I listen to the colors
Sabine Adelaide has illustrated these beautiful oracle cards. Fascinated by the power of color and astrology. She gives strength to the images with colors and inspired symbols .

4 I hear my healing
The music and sounds used to illustrate the cards have been designed with the intention to appease, to help meditation, to walk towards healing. These sounds and music is played by inspired musicians and professional sound therapists met on our path as Catherine Darbord specialist of overtone singing , Ivo Sedlacek sound therapist, Morgane Tréheux ( Atirdel ) art therapist on voice ..