Shining silver skies
Ashram- 2002


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Ashram Digipack

New Digipack edition 2008 + 1 bonus Track
16 Tracks
Ref : Prik057
Playtime : 63'15

Digipack limited to 1000 ex.

ASHRAM : Ashram
Ref : Michael Nyman, Collection d'Arnell Andrea, Jeff Buckley
Style : Neoclassical, romantic folk

Prikosnovénie rereleased the first sold-out album of 'Ashram' in a luxuous digipack with a new unreleased Track 'Fourth'.
The Napolitan trio consists in Luigi Rubino (piano), Sergio Panarella (voice), Edo Notarloberti (violin).
Since the first release in 2002, Ashram became one of the most popular neoclassical band playing a nostalgic & ethereal music reminding Michael Nyman's original sountracks.
Review : 'The voice of Sergio Panarella sounds a bit like Anthony & the johnsons or Jeff Buckley.' Oriflamme

16 Tracks :
01. Fairy Wind | 02. For My Sun | 03. Forever at your Mercy
04. Fourth (unreleased)
05. Spirit of the Rising Moon | 06. Lucky´s Song
07. Nevermore Sorrow | 08. Horizons
09. Forgive Me | 10. She's Fiddling | 11. Fragile
12. Elisewin | 13. Oceans |14. I've Lost Myself
15. Sweet Autumn | 16. Silver Eyes

: Fairy Wind

MP3 : Spirit Of The Rising Moon

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Review: 'Oriflamme.com'

"The line up of Italian neo-Classical band ASHRAM consists of
Luigi Rubino (piano),Sergio Panarella (voice,)Edo Notarloberti (violin). the band have beeng going since 1999 and their first CD -simply titled ASHRAM- has just been released by the French label Prikosnovenie.
In a word the CD is enchanting.The music of Ashram has a subtle allure rather than an instant attraction. Both Edo and Luigi are proficient and talented musicians.Incidentally some acoustic guitar,cello, and double bass can be added, but there is little electronic backing and no percussion. There is a great sense that the band have to stand or fall on the skills of their musicianship and the quality of the songs, there are is augmented electronic backing or samples being added. Sergio's vocals are quite unique, vaguely remind me of Antony from the Johnsons fame without the blues edge. The lyrics are in English, charming and romantic, with occasional quirky humour, one track ' Lucky's song (my dog) is about Sergio's dog but delivered wtih the earnestness of an opera aria. The words to most tracks are heart felt, romantic, uncomplicated and the strength of Sergio's vocal delivery carries them. 'Forever at your Mercy', 'For my Sun', 'Nevermore Sorrow' are particularly compelling and tinged with potent optimism, and a strange sense of mellow vulnerability. A re-occuring theme of their work seems to be in surrending to the full force of love with a sense of celebration but trepidation. It has been raised before- but why sing every song in English? They could sound just as impressive in Italian.
ASHRAM seem distinct from their Italian Neo-Classical contemporaries; they seem less concerned with the Past then ATARAXIA, and are less percussioned orientated then ATARAXIA and GOR, less philisophical then ARGINE, not so strident as CAMERTA MEDIOLANESE but just as talented and committed to their own vision."

Digipack 2006 -14 Tracks
Ref : eqm010


ASHRAM : Shining Silver skies / 15E

Style: Neoclassical
This mortal coil, Collection dArnell Andrea

Gifted with a musical sensibility that remains unparalleled, Ashram have conquered a discreet yet faithful fanbase around their delicate music and memorable live performances.
The Neo-Classical style that acts as a foundation to Ashram’s music is usually built upon the moods of pianist Luigi Rubino, who sets a black and white cinematographic mannerism to the songs, hereby uplifted by violinist Edo Notarloberti’s arrangements, a performer well-known from various previous collaborations with other Napolitan projects, and whose soaring violin phrases confer a moving brilliance and distinct character to the project. Sergio Panarella, the group’s singer endowed with a beautiful crooning voice, adds the lighter tones to Ashram’s creations, by contributing also with a couple of acoustic guitar-based mellower Folk ballads now and again.
Four years after their homonymous debut, the Italian ensemble finally completes their second album, “Shining Silver Skies”, a work which unfolds itself as an exercise in musical bliss and purity, drenched in sweet nostalgia that flickers through memories of aching loss or rapturous passion. The trio is also assisted by guest cellist Leonardo Massa on these recordings, whose contribution brings a discreet additional depth to “Shining Silver Skies”, an album which not only embodies the romantic backdrop of early 1900’s glamour but that also flirts with a slightly naïve Folk spirit occasionally.

MP3 : Shining silver skies

MP3 : Elizabeth

MP3 : Lady

2002 : Ashram - Prikosnovénie
2006 : Shining silver skies - Equilibrium