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Alizbar ann'sannat


Prik161 - Vertical Digipack

Design album : Boris Indrikov

14 tracks. 59min. Mandalia digipack limited to 1000 copies. 2013
Style: Celtic Harp, Relaxation, fantasy ... / / Ref: Loreena McKennitt, Caprice

We were expecting the return of Alizbar the mage Russian 'harp. This new album is a step closer to the Sublime, like the new episode after 'Metamorphoses of Ann'. His way of playing harp gives us powerful and holy emotions. He opens the door of a so sensitive magical Fairy world. We feel physically Wind, Forest, the breath of Fairies, Elves and other Spirits of Nature.
Subtlety, delicacy, elegance, sensitivity, Alizbar offers you all his grace in music.

MP3 : Fairytale about love

MP3 : Flight of Elves

MP3 : Rebecca's Dreams

14 titres. 59 minutes

1 Ballad That Wind Whispered
2 Whispering Of Stars
3 Dance Of Fairies
4 Estuary
5 Strawberry Glade
6 Dreams Of Salamander
7 Fairy-Tale About Love
8 Melting Snowflakes In Her Hands
9 Rebecca's Dreams
10 Flight Of Elves
11 Dance of Unicorns
12 Charmed Forest
13 Emperor And Dragons
14 Gothic Of Hoarfrost

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Prik143 Digipack vertical
Design album : Boris Indrikov
Welcome into the morning
Ref : Celtic Harp, Loreena Mckennitt, Caprice.
Style : Celtic influenced slavic music

You had discovered Alizbar with his wonderful fairy harp album, here he comes back with his band Ann’sannat (a track already features on our last book "berceuses des fées"). Ann'sannat mixes guitar, female voice, harp, violin, flute and bodhran. The celtic quintet opens the doors of an imaginary enchanted world. Between Irish, Scottish ballads and creations inspired by the fairy world, Ann'sannat's music beats at the rythm of Gaelic earth. Magical, soft, graceful and elegant, this music brings a real wish of happiness.

16 Tracks :
1 Improvisation 5:06
2 The Butterfly 3:38
3 The Wind, That Shakes The Barley 6:01 - MP3
4 The Reel 3:30
5 The Mountain Set 7:19
6 Crazy Man Michael 6:42
7 Sleepy Maggie 3:00
8 Serveren 2:42
9 Siul A Run 5:47 - MP3
10 The Old Story 7:23
11 O'Carolan's Welcome 2:59
12 Idje sen 3:27
13 Toss The Feathers 5:14
14 John Riley 6:18
15 The ballad whispered by the wind 6:09
16 Waltz on the branches 4:40 - MP3

MP3 : The Wind, That Shakes The Barley

MP3 : Siul A Run

MP3 : Waltz on the branches

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Prik115 - CD
Design album : Sabine Adélaïde
The metamorphoses of Ann'
Ref : Celtic Harp, Loreena Mckennitt, Caprice.
Style : Fantasy, Relaxation, role games...

Alizbar's magical and soothing harp takes you to a world of Scandinavian Celtic tales. His universe is very near of Caprice's one, the 2 Russian bands are very tight. Alizbar music speaks without words, it touches directly your heart to deliver messages of beauty. Prikosnovenie has been astonished by the virtuosity of this Moldavian artist, his music is Beauty, Grace and Faeryesque. Fans of Celtic music, Fairy worlds and relaxation discover the enormous talent of Alizbar!

14 Tracks :
1-The island
2-Last fallen leaf
3-Myth about dumb innkeeper
4-Out of time fairy-tale
5-Metamorphoses of Ann' MP3
6-Waltz on the branches
7-Fairy of melted snow
8-Merry-go-round of doubts
9-Clo's dreams
10-Gleam in angel's eye-drop
11-Unexpected mirth
12-Dwarves' songs in hobbit's hole
14-Ainur's dialog

MP3 : Metamorphoses of Ann

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