L'autre nuit - 2001
Phil Von & the Gnawa musicians of fes



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L'autre nuit

Style: Electronic-ritual
References: The Atlas Project, Traditional Gnawa music
january 2001 - 8 Titles - 70'

L'autre nuit is the result of a collaboration between Phil Von Magnet and the musicians Gnawa de Fes. A continuation of the dream of Atlas Project's Barbaresque, this album is one between two worlds: electronic, ethnic, groove and ritual all at once.

La Parole / Hicham Bilali / Transe Incolore / Eden Miseria / Fs Mejdoub / Parcours / Les Esprits / Derdeba

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Review :

Phil Von realised together with The Gnawa Musicians of Fés a surprising and impressive release. Surprising, because of the idea and the concept to collaborate with other musicians from another culture (even if Phil Von has the same origin). Impressive because he never released such a refined, emotional and inter-cultural piece of music! "L'autre nuit" sounds from many points of view like picture of the Maghreb. The musicians are healing from Morocco and throughout their way of playing, they reinforce the North-African influence, Phil Von always injects in his different releases (with Von Magnet and Atlas Project). This one comes closer to world-music, but you may also call it tribal (cf. "Hicham Bilali"), approximately trance (cf. "Transe incolore") or ritual (cf. "La parole"). The cultures are even meeting together on "Fés Mejdoub" with traditional soundscapes. A lot of voices and very different noises have been sampled, recreating a kind of impression from the daily life in the streets and markets of Morocco. I just want to mention a last, but essential aspect of this album; the extra-ordinary lyrical content which is poetic and philosophical (and translated into French for the booklet). One of the best releases in the genre and a new pearl on Prikosnovenie!