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Sarrazine comes out of the shadow at last! But who is Sarrazine?
Sarrazine... a schizophrenic, neither profane nor sacred, neither male nor female, stateless, whimsical and mythical, centuries-old and modern; Sarrazine, an exceptional voice with a rare register, both tenor and counter tenor. Sarrazine, Klaus Nomi’s soul brother, the ermaphrodite, the knight, the odalisque, the story teller, the bard, the fury, the crooner.
We find Sarrazine in a novel by Balzac: in Rome, at the beginning of the XIX century, a young sculptor is in search of perfect beauty. He finds it one evening on a stage, in a theatre, it’s a castrato.
Many years later, in London, Francois Testory interprets the role of the castrato in an adaptation of the novel on which Roland Barthes wrote the essay “S/Z”.
François is a former star dancer and actor of the Lindsay Kemp Company (choreographer of Kate Bush and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust [this looks a bit like you choreographed, not Lindsay, I don’t know how to rectify it, native English opinion required]). He now sings in operas as well as cabarets, and regularly tours the States, Japan and Australia. In this CD, we are swept away by his lyricism into a cyber-eccentric adventure.
On this occasion, he is surrounded by his electro-romantic accomplices: KBB, José Barinaga, Lys, Wild Shores, Mimetic, Def, Sigmoon, Stocha, Negative Stencil and Phil Von.
His voice takes us on a journey through the middle ages to the baroque period (Purcell), encompassing the traditional music of Arabic Andalusia, and gathering in its wake Celtic and Kurdish melodies, all treated here in trance mode. We come across the delights of the XIX century (Duparc/Beaudelaire), of Jazz (Frank Sinatra), of repetitive music (Ginsberg/Glass), of the 80’s dark passions (Mark Almond) and of contemporary electro-pop.

MP3 : Iron Horse (feat : Wild shores)

MP3 : Blood river (Mimetic)

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2003 : Sarrazine - (Prikosnovénie)