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Unaltered empire

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Modern Cause
mediavolo modern cause
Digisleeve limited to 500 ex
Design : Obion
Length: 44 min

References: Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Blonde Redhead, Radiohead
Style : Pop rock wave
Prik153. Dec. 2011. 44 minutes

Three years after 'unaltered empire', here's the new album of Mediavolo. We know the passion of the band for 80's ‘Brit’ sounds close to Kate Bush, or ballads reminding Blonde Redhead. 'Modern cause' is a sensitive patchwork of Heavenly and melancholic pop, inspired by from the 60’s to 80’s using references like Phil Spector and Arcade Fire." Each tracks is like an emotional journey, sensitive, retro and modern at once.

10 Tracks :
1 Dan - 2 You Wish Mark Steered - 3 It's Begun
4 Up Ahead - 5 Killer Storm - 6 Latent - 7 Peggy '60
8 Modern Cause - 9 Keepin' Out - 10 We Danced Today


You wish Mark Steered


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Digipack + booklet
limited to 1000 ex
Design by Obion
Playtime : 47'06

Unaltered empire
References: Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Blonde Redhead, Radiohead
Style : Pop rock wave

A subtle 'Brit' sound  :

3rd album of this French band that deserves an international fame. How can one imagine that Mediavolo is French with such an English sound. Quality of melodies, an elegant & dandy rock sound and a bewitching voice remininding Kate Bush. Mediavolo plays with 70's & 80's sounds to create a kind of melancolic and ethereal rock that could remind Radiohead.


A Fairy voice :

Mediavolo's sound is unique but the beautiful voice of Geraldine makes the difference. Sometimes lyrical or sweet like velvet, Geraldine's voice sounds like an angel fell down on earth. Inspired by 'the Metamorphosis' of Kafka, 'Unaltered Empire' tells us the story of a woman who turns into butterfly. She'll be confronted to people's reject but she'll accept her wings to finally fly away in the sky.
An elegant music tinted with melancholic feelings but also with hope like a 'Tim Burton's little tale.

10 Tracks :
1 Treasure box - 2 Dry and brave - 3 Unaltered empire - 4 Cavalry drum - 5 Dr Quayle - 6 To the eye - 7 Black roses - 8 Selling birds - 9 The backroom of my mind - 10 Fanciest scheme

Dr Quayle

Black roses

The backroom of my mind

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A Secret Sound

Ref : 4AD, Cocteau Twins, ...
Genre : Ethereal pop, new wave ....
12 Tracks - 57:23'

In the purest tradition of 4AD label !
'A secret sound' is the 3rd album of the French duet, Geraldine (singer) and Jac (composer, guitarist...). With a specific eighties 4AD sound, Mediavolo awakens an ethereal 'new wave' style with an astonishing knowledge. Atmospheric 80's piano, reverb or distorded guitar, ethereal female voice, pop-wave melody and drums. The smooth Geraldine's voice will remind Cocteau Twins or The love spirals downwards. Mediavolo's composer Jac uses his 70's musical influences such as Mike Olfield, John Barry and 60's movies soundtracks.
Atmospheric, pop and new-wave, Mediavolo's melodies and universe is enchanting and smooth like a sweet Haloween candy. To be discovered absolutly, listen to the audio teaser.

12 TRACKS: *How Does It End * Mass Anasthesia* Resolve* Humane & Live* Death & the City * Secret Sound * Misunderstanding * Hoary Man * Hollow Of You* Dripping Mind * Hunted * Chimera

Teaser mp3


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Review :
"With a graceful touch, their ethereal and melancholic pop reveals what could be the 4AD label of year 2000" D-side