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artesia wanderings
ED. PRESTIGE lim. to 1000 ex
LIVRE 20 pages 21X15cm + CD

Style : Dark Atmospheric heavenly voices
Ref : Dark Sanctuary, Arcana, Elend...

Dec 2011- 9 Tracks - 42'

For this fourth album of Artesia, Gaëlle returned to the violin and Agathe requested the skills of JCW, the talented French producer. The album is absolutely masterful and joins the collection of the greatest albums of Prikosnovénie. 'Orchestral Symphonic, melancholic and powerful.' The deep cello of Jcw harmonizes wonderfully with Gaëlle’s violin, the drums resonate at the very heart of the Ground meanwhile Agathe’s angelic voice takes us in the Ether. Artesia opens the doors of a magical world where you’ll meet fairies, knights, dragons, unicorns, majestic trees, clearings foam to rest and dream. Simply a masterpiece.

9 TITRES (40 min.):
1- A l'ombre des grandes forêts
2- Wanderings
3- Aerial
4- The summit of the tree
5- Lying on the grey foam
6- The gaels
7- In my dreamy Thoughts
8- Quiet they are now

MP3 : Aerials

MP3 : Lying on the grey foam

MP3 :
The gaels

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Digipack collector 1000 ex + booklet 12 pages

Artwork by ScarletGothica
Recorded autumn 2008 by Loïc C.


Style : Dark Atmospheric, heavenly voices, gothic.
Ref : Dark sanctuary, Arcana and the 'Lord of the rings' ambiences.
February 2009- 8 Tracks- 41'04

Enter Artesia's legends.

With ethereal female choirs and a celtic violonist, Artesia invent a fairyesque and dark atmosphere close to The Lords of the ring's original soundtrack. ‘Llydaw’ is the Welsh name for Brittany. Artesia invites us in this land of mysteries & legends from the West of France. Enter in the Breton's Folklore, discover the White Lady of Trecesson, the Huel-Goat's forest, the Locmariaquer's menhir, the marvellous Broceliande's Forest...
‘Llydaw’ is the 3rd album of Artesia with a new line-up : a new violonist, Coralie and a new guitarist from the Celtic Black Metal band Belenos, Loïc.
Discover Artesia's heavenly atmosphere in the mood of Dark Sanctuary, with new male choirs, powerful percussions, celtic violin & acoustic guitar. Discover the Fairy design of ScarletGothica with a magic booklet 12 pages ! Bewitching !

1- Irree Seose
2- Le Haut-Bois
3- Y Ladi Wen
4- Lande Sauvage
5- Tempus est Iocundum
6- Le Voyageur
7- Sous la Pierre Brisée
8- Vers l'Ouest

MP3 : Le Haut-Bois

MP3 : Tempus est Iocundum

MP3 :
Sous la Pierre Brisée

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In the mood of Artesia :
Les Secrets de Morphée


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Chants d’automne Digipack

Style: ‘Dark Atmospheric heavenly voices’
References : Dark sanctuary, Arcana and the 'Lord of the rings' ambiences.

Juin 2007- 11 Tracks - 45'06

Heavenly voices, atmospheric violins create a mysterious and Celtic landscape... a tribute to Broceliande's forest.

"With this new album 'Chants d'Automne' (Autumn’s songs), we want the listener to feel deeply the Broceliande forest, a beautiful and luxurious place but also very mysterious and fairyesque. Personally, I live very near this majestic forest. Our first album 'Hilvern' already talked a bit of Broceliande but this time we wanted to enter more deeply in Broceliande's mysteries. As a consequence, lyrics deal about the Forest itself and not about human thoughts which could live in it.
Every pictures of 'Chant d'Automne's' booklet have been taken in Brocéliande's magic places that we decribed in our songs.

Our influences:
We have been inspired by films like "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Last of the Mohicans" in which you are surrounded by very impressive landscapes and live epic adventures. Our references for this album are Trobar de Morte, Arcana, The Moon and the nightspirit, Dargaard, Qntal. We try to recreate atmospheres very near of movies' original soundtracks.
Gaëlle and me hope you'll enjoy our music"
Agathe from Artesia

1 - Invitation 2 - Chant d'automne 3 - Terres perdues 4 - L'appel des esprits 5 - Entrelacs 6 - La maison des Feins 7 - Quand vient la nuit 8 - Valsent les ombres 9 - Sous la lune dansante 10 - Le refuge 11 - L'hiver est là

MP3 : Terres perdues (download)

MP3 : Entrelacs (download)

MP3 :
Le refuge (download)

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Review : Side line

"The 2nd album of this feminine French duo is a traditional and outstanding Prikosnovénie-release. Inspired by the power of nature and the splendor of the forest, Artesia lead us through a magic universe made of prosperity. The music is a mix of orchestral arrangements and neo-classical influences played by instruments like piano and violin. The voice sounds like the breath of the forest, hanging over the music and leading the listener into dreamy landscapes. “Chants d’Automne” sounds like a pure soundtrack and especially when they go a bit deeper into their symphonic side (cf. “Invitation”, “Quand vient la nuit”). A touch of melancholia emerges at the surface of their work while the French lyrics are once again referring to the beauty of nature and enchanting vision from it. The song “Le refuge” is a bit darker and has a touch of Dead Can Dance. Artesia will please to lovers of Collection d’Arnell-Andréa, Les Secréts De Morphée and other bands in the style. A mysterious, passionate and essential release!"(DP:8/9)DP.


Hilvern CD
Style: Dark Atmospheric heavenly voices
References: Dark Sanctuary, Arcana, Elend, Les Secrets de Morphée...

February 2006 - 10 Tracks - 40'

ARTESIA is a new French female duet who comes to us as big surprise, they show obvious great talent! Walking on the roots of bands such as Dark Santuary, Stoa or Arcana, the two sweet sirens use a bed of velvet soft keyboard patterns and romantic violin as base for their odes to the nature, mixed with melancholy, sadness and forlorn daydreams. ‘Hilvern’ could be an ideal accompaniment for the ceremony of retirement of the elves of Lothlorien. Far from mere copies of other Ethereal goth bands, they express sad feelings and solemnity based on deep talent. Romanticism, beautiful enchanting female voices and supreme melancholy are the ingredients of this marvelous gothic opus!

1 Une nuit en Hilvern
2 L'autre chemin MP3
3 Rencontre avec la Dame
4 La clairière des fées
5 Une ancienne légende
6 Barenton
7 Prière au mortel
8 Les hommes ne se rappellent plus mon nom
9 Eveil et desespoir
10 L'abandonnée

MP3 : L'autre chemin (download)

MP3 : Prière au mortel (download)

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Review :

Side-line :
This is one more amazing French project discovered by Prikosnovénie. More than that, the female duo of Artesia simply belongs to the best productions of the label. There where Dead Can Dance invites the listener in a world of mystery, Artesia assimilates a mysterious side with dark reverie. The duo play between violin and vocals is simply sensational. The vocals sung in French are hard to understand as they give the feeling of just wafting over the music. It’s like a breeze that embraces the emotional music parts. The style is a symbiosis between neo-classical and gothic while the sad emotional content are leading the listener in a state of total adoration. The influences are hard to describe, but there’s a touch of Les Secrets De Morphée and bit of Collection D’arnell-Andréa in a mystical journey. The songs are one after one little pearls of intelligent and emotional music, but my favorites are “Rencontre avec la dame”, “Prière au mortel” and “Eveil et desespoir”. Simply exceptional! (DP:9)DP.