antrabata dark and bright
Elephant Reveries - 2007
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ANTRABATA Dark & Bright
cd antrabata
Prik135. Oct 2009

Ref : Portishead, Radiohead, Morcheeba, Talvin singh...
Genre : Electro, trip-hop....

Indian vibes & downtempo
After a first positively acclaimed album, the french Antrabata comes back with a darker and mature album. This opus is a mix of high-class influences: the psyche/folk from the 60's/70's (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin), the cold wave from the 80's (Cure, Joy Division, Siouxsie), the trip-hop from the 90' (Portishead, Massive attack) and the electronica from the 2000 (Burial, Boards of Canada). How does it sound? It is mysterious, bewitching, beautiful produced and melodically touching. Femke's voice is just right and will put you under a magic spell.

11 tracks : 1  Echoes 2 Toward the dark 3 Chameleon of today 4 Dark and bright 5 Copy and paste 6 We rise 7 Fight your dragon 8 One day after 9 Knowing a smile 10 What if 11 Homesick

  Chameleon of today

Dark and bright

One day after

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Prik107 - CD
Design album : Sabine Adélaïde
References : Portishead, Radiohead, Björk, Tom Waits...
Style : Electro, trip-hop....
12 Tracks

This Parisian trio invites you in a sweet, melancholic and exotic trip. Music looks like trip-hop of Portishead, Boards of Canada, with a deep bass, lunar flute, cello, folk or electric guitars and down-tempo beats. Sitars bring coloured enchanting atmospheres... The band's musicians share a passion for London trip-hop culture and dreamy oriental vibes of India like Rajna. Antrabata's music spreads in the air benevolent and harmonious melodies. The voice of the Dutch/French singer Femke shapes melancholic images and hidden memories' photos. Enigmatic and mysterious, this first album spreads good vibes with slight nostalgic touch. A fantastic new talent to follow!

12 TRACKS: Please repeat after me - You and me - Pinpoint - White elephant - Miss encyclopedia - Bar song - Venice - Painful bliss - Antrabata - Kaleidoscope - Summer optimism - Mirror song (voor Tom)

MP3 : Please Repeat After Me

MP3 : Bar Song

MP3 : Painful Bliss

MP3 : Kaleidoscope

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2007 : Elephant Reveries (prikosnovenie)